Have you ever…

  • lived in a constant state of busyness?
  • been disappointed over and over again by people not meeting your expectations?
  • struggled to keep it together on the outside while falling apart on the inside?

What if you could…

  • live in a state of peace?
  • discover the secret to overcoming disappointment?
  • be your authentic self?

Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved can help you to get where you’ve always wanted to be. Discover how to live in the question by asking powerful questions and pushing through until the answers reveal themselves. Be prepared to have your heart transformed in the process!

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“To know that I AM everything that I always thought that I wasn’t. I am now free to be me ~ free to be who I was created to be! I am free to live in authentic confidence of who I am and the value that I have to share with the world. I am no longer defined by my circumstances or my accomplishments. I am defined by the One who created me!”

~ Bethany L. Connor, Cherished