About the Book

“What does it mean to truly KNOW the unfathomable love of God and learn to fall in love with who you are as you begin to see yourself in the mirror of His eyes? Bethany poignantly and openly shares her journey to self-love. This book will allow you to look deeply into the eyes of the One who adores you.”

~ Centa Terry, Facilitator, Dynamic Discipleship, Inc., www.centaterry.com

Who This Book Is For

This book is for professionals who look like they have it all together on the outside and are falling apart on the inside.

“Everyone wants three things in life: to feel valuable, to be heard and to know they made a difference. We like for people to believe we have our act together while we are struggling on the inside. Bethany’s book reveals the only plan to relieve the inner pain and live out your divine destiny!”

~ Tim Davis, www.TimDavisOnline.com

About the Book

Bethany is a successful professional woman who seems to have it all together. She has created a life that works for her by keeping busy, being knowledgeable, doing her job with perfection, and having high expectations for herself and others. Bethany lives her life wearing masks – and not allowing people to see or know the ‘real’ Bethany in order to prevent her from getting hurt. Although this way of being had previously served her, she got to a place where it no longer worked for her. Her realization of this led her through a journey of self-discovery. This book is her journey.

Bethany meets a gentleman who introduces concepts that totally rock her world! She starts the process of living in the question, by asking herself hard questions and pushing through until the answers are revealed. Based on what she is learning, Bethany thinks back through her life experiences and re-evaluates everything that she knows to be true. During this process, she takes a risk with love and is disappointed once again. She chooses to keep moving forward beyond the pain and working through the process based on her new world view. Throughout this process Bethany dialogues with God regularly and He speaks back to her, not always telling her what she wants to hear, but rather what she needs to hear. Bethany hits rock bottom and decides to stop living life on her own strength and to start living life through God’s strength.

Bethany starts the healing journey following Gods’ lead. He reveals to her the truth of His word and what it truly means to walk in faith. Bethany continues to have revelation after revelation of what in her life is keeping her stuck and how she can shift her thinking to align with the truth of God’s word, rather than the ever-changing ‘truth’ of her feelings. Bethany learns to be content with ‘what is’ rather than being continually disappointed by what isn’t. She experiences the freedom of forgiveness as being a gift to herself. She discovers the greatness of who she truly is and learns how to stand in her true power. She discovers how to create healthy boundaries and behaviors that will enhance her relationship with herself and with others. Most importantly, she learns how to love herself.

“Bethany masterfully weaves her own authentic story along- side an epic need that confronts every woman’s heart. Cherished guides readers through their hurts and into the healing arms of the God who made them.”

~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name, www.karyoberbrunner.com


If people read Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved, then they will:

  • Learn to question why they do what they do
  • Learn to evaluate their thought process and choose to intentionally shift their thinking to that which aligns with the Word of God
  • Experience the inner mind of the self-discovery process


Because the book will:

  • Ask powerful questions that facilitate self-reflection
  • Use real life struggles to demonstrate process of the healing journey
  • Deconstruct belief systems and reconstruct in alignment with the Word of God


“This poignant and beautiful story is the struggle of Bethany finding her true self and listening to that voice within. With God in control, Bethany trusts Him and steps into her greatness that’s always been inside her. This compelling and heartfelt story is inspiring and a must read.”

~ Tom Haupt, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Time-Out! Winning Strategies for Playing a Bigger Game in Life, www.tomhaupt.com


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“Bethany Connor’s Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved captures the human condition of one’s limiting beliefs that we all, at some level, hold that we are not ‘worthy’ or ‘good enough.’ She takes us on her own journey of discovering the key to authentically loving and accepting herself as she is. Bethany gives us a transparent and vulnerable look at the courage it takes to move from a life of despair to one of joy. Through Bethany’s memoirs, we can learn that self-love is not selfish, but rather self-care. She reveals the keys to being an authentic leader in our own life through authentically living our truth. Join her on her journey of transformation and be prepared to have your heart transformed in the process.”

~ Kimberly Schulte, Life and Business Transformational Coach, www.kimberly-schulte.com