What People Are Saying

tom haupt prof“This poignant and beautiful story is the struggle of Bethany finding her true self and listening to that voice within. With God in control, Bethany trusts Him and steps into her greatness that’s always been inside her. This compelling and heartfelt story is inspiring and a must read.”

~ Tom Haupt, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Time-Out! Winning Strategies for Playing a Bigger Game in Life, www.tomhaupt.com

Ruby Muza“Cherished is a raw, real and honest look at what drives human behavior and the stories we create around events that happen in our lives. Bethany courageously and vulnerably shares her journey and how she moved from the depths of despair to overflowing joy! Her path is one that we can all follow when we choose to walk the journey. Asking ourselves quality questions will slowly, but surely unlock the answers to our dreams.”

~ Ruby Muza Cooley

tim davis“Everyone wants three things in life: to feel valuable, to be heard and to know they made a difference. We like for people to believe we have our act together while we are struggling on the inside. Bethany’s book reveals the only plan to relieve the inner pain and live out your divine destiny!”

~ Tim Davis, www.TimDavisOnline.com

kent julian“True connection comes through sharing our stories and that’s exactly what Bethany does in this book! She opens up her heart in such a compelling way that when you read her story, it’s as if you are walking right beside her and experiencing exactly what she is experiencing. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this book can transform the way you lead, love, and live!”

~ Kent Julian, www.liveitforward.com

Michelle Howe“Vulnerability is what describes Bethany’s writings. She puts herself out there — her journey, her pain and her healing not to glamorize the process she went through but to share her story of finding true love in the One who created her. This book is for anyone that desires to go on a journey to hearing God’s voice in their life. Bethany’s example will prompt your heart to want more out of this life and more from your relationship with God.”

~ Michelle Howe, Leadership Coach with Everyday Lifeline and author of Copying is the Highest Form of Compliment, Giving Others Permission to Follow Your Lead, www.iwokeupyesterday.com

Patrick Dean“I have had the opportunity to work with Bethany Connor in several life changing seminars. I find that she is a woman of impeccable integrity and insight. Her ability to communicate with clarity and honesty touches everyone with whom she connects both professionally and personally. I suggest that if you are looking for more love in your life or want to have more powerful and secure relationships that you read this book.”

~ Patrick Dean, www.seminarsystems.com

Kimberly Schulte“Bethany Connor’s Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved captures the human condition of one’s limiting beliefs that we all, at some level, hold that we are not ‘worthy’ or ‘good enough.’ She takes us on her own journey of discovering the key to authentically loving and accepting herself as she is. Bethany gives us a transparent and vulnerable look at the courage it takes to move from a life of despair to one of joy. Through Bethany’s memoirs, we can learn that self-love is not selfish, but rather self-care. She reveals the keys to being an authentic leader in our own life through authentically living our truth. Join her on her journey of transformation and be prepared to have your heart transformed in the process.”

~ Kimberly Schulte, Life and Business Transformational Coach, www.kimberly-schulte.com

Jen McDonough“Bethany shares a powerful, empowering, and gutsy raw look at what her journey has been by peeling back the onion and stepping into vulnerability, imperfection and authenticity. As scary and uncomfortable as the process was for her and others facing similar journeys, the freedom that is waiting for her and others makes it all worth it! Faith in action — this book is the life transformation guide for woman looking to find their true wonderfully imperfect selves.”

~ Jen McDonough “The Iron Jen”, Amazon Top 100 Author to Living Beyond Rich, Living Beyond Awesome, & 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich, Motivational Storyteller, & Coach, www.TheIronJen.com

Centa Terry“What does it mean to truly KNOW the unfathomable love of God and learn to fall in love with who you are as you begin to see yourself in the mirror of His eyes? Bethany poignantly and openly shares her journey to self-love. This book will allow you to look deeply into the eyes of the One who adores you.”

~ Centa Terry, Facilitator, Dynamic Discipleship, Inc., www.centaterry.com

kelly baader with book“As women, how often do we dare to LOVE? How often do we dare to be hurt by love? How often are we willing to share the journey of wounds publicly, so others can be encouraged to love again? Bethany’s Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved does just that for us! Just like many of us, her “tough” outwardly appearance has been her “protection” cover up for long years, till she came to encounter with herself through her CREATOR’s lens (HE is LOVE himself.), finally she has courage to LOVE again! I highly recommend you to allow yourself to visit her journey, and maybe, have a good ride together!”

~ Kelly Baader, Author of Amazon Bestseller A Little Girl Called Grace, Certified Business Coach | Speaker | Trainer with John C Maxwell Team, www.KellyBaader.com

jenny price 7 shifts“Bethany has written an incredibly practical book straight from her heart. Readers will know Bethany and will hear of her temptation to live “in control”. The heart of letting go is the message of her book. You will learn freedom. At its best. His ways are always best. Thanks Bethany for your heart poured out on paper.”

~ Jenny Price, Author of 7 Shifts Moving You Forward Faster, Life Coach at Every Day Life Line Coaching Services, www.iwokeupyesterday.com

John Ramsey“I really enjoyed Bethany Connor’s book Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved. Each chapter focuses on a topic related to love — what ends up happening is that you learn several aspects as well as engaging stories — thoughts, hope, & encouragement. It is like the book ignites you to find what is inside of you that you treasure most about your life related to love, and to take action on it. The book is full of heart warming and touching stories. You will feel better after reading this book. I can see this book easily rise to best seller status!”

~ John Ramsey, Speaker/ Spiritual Teacher/Life Coach, Targeting Excellence, Spirit Driven Coaching, www.johnexcellence.com

Kary Oberbrunner“Bethany masterfully weaves her own authentic story along- side an epic need that confronts every woman’s heart. Cherished guides readers through their hurts and into the healing arms of the God who made them.”

~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name, www.karyoberbrunner.com

joel boggess“In Cherished, you’ll learn how Bethany Connor turned failure into freedom. This book will challenge you to re- evaluate everything that you have held to be true and realign it with the Truth that is within you. Reading this book is like taking a warm bath; it nurtures you from the inside-out.”

~ Joel Boggess, host of Finding your Voice and author to three books

“This book encourages me that I am on the right path in discovering who I am, and to be persistent and never give up.   Bethany’s story really resonated with me and it was a relief to know that others have experienced similar exploration and desires of finding their true self.   I’m so glad she shared her story!”

~ Barbara Gustavson, Certified Coach, Teacher, Speaker,www.DiscoverNextStep.com